Technical Data Sheet

DUCOAT R 65 is an outstanding rubberized, elastomeric, ready to use anionic bitumen emulsion. The elastomeric property of the liquid applied waterproofing membrane provides high flexibility and elasticity of the product to withstand high movements of the substrate due to changing temperatures.


  • Excellent polymer modified, liquid applied membrane.
  • Forms a tough, elastic and seamless coating upon drying.
  • Penetrates and seals porous substrate.
  • Resistant to dilute chemicals, chlorides and sulphates.
  • Non sagging and non-flowing at high service temperatures.
  • Water based no health hazard.
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • Compatible on various metal and concrete substrates.
  • Excellent adhesion on damp and dry surfaces.
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DUCOAT R 65 is tested as per ASTM D 2939 and other relevant International Standards.


Duproof is ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company, and DUCOAT R 65 carries a material warranty against any manufacturing defects.


  • Wet areas (bathrooms, kitchen).
  • Vapor barrier for walls, floors & roofing structure.
  • Concrete foundations basements, footings, retaining walls, bridge abutments.
  • Various exposed roofs and built up roofs (concrete, cement, asphalt, lightweight screed or timber).
  • Excellent protective coating for wide range of substrates such as concrete structures, cement blocks, timber.


Substrate Preparation

  1. All substrate must be clean and free from dirt, dust, soil, grease, oil and other loose particles. Substrates that are very dry should be applied with a penetrative coating of DUPRIME E. If the concrete is very dry, dampen first with water.
  2. Stir the emulsion thoroughly if stored for a long time.

Application System on Porous substrate (Concrete Structure)

  1. Prime the surface with water based primer DUPRIME E and allow the primer to dry completely (6-8 hours).
  2. Apply a minimum of 2 coats by brush or spray equipment
  3. The second coat is applied when the first coat has completely dried
  4. Apply each coat at a right angle to the previous coat to achieve good coverage and uniformity.
  5. A third coat is required for very porous substrate.
  6. Drying time is 1-4 hours under normal conditions. Under damp and cold conditions it is recommended to allow 6 hours between successive coats.

Emulsified Bitumen is recommended to apply at temperatures above 5°C.


DUCOAT R 65 is Stored at temperature between 5°C and 50°C in a tightly sealed container. Shelf life is minimum of 1 year in a good storage protected from direct sunlight and frost.


There are no health hazards associated with DUCOAT R 65, wash with copious amount of water if spilled on the skin.

Solid Contents%65 ± 5ASTM D 2939
DensityKg/L0.98 – 1.00ASTM D 2939
AppearanceDark brown thixotropic liquid forms into black, flexible coating upon drying
Low temperature resistance°C0ASTM D 2939
Heat Flow ResistanceCured film is non-flowing and non-sagging under service conditionsASTM D 2939
Service temperature°C0 °C to +80 °C
Chemical and water resistanceResistant to water, salt, dilute acids and alkalisASTM D 2939
CoverageKg/m20.7 to 1.0 Kg/m2/Coat-Depending on the substrate
Drying timehrs1.0 – 4.0
pH10 – 12

Tolerance based on testing standard


The brush and spray equipment is cleaned using soap and water immediately after use. Brush is dipped in water before and during use for easy application. Place tools in water during breaks to prevent caking up of the bristles. A suitable solvent like white spirit, petrol or diesel oil removes dried emulsion.

Note: These data are correct at the time of printing but may be changed without any prior notice subject to client’s requirements availability of raw materials or other conditions. This data sheet supercedes all previous publications pertaining to this product. All reasonable care has been taken in preparing this document, which to the best of our knowledge is accurate and true. Recommendations and suggestions are made in good faith and should only be considered for general guidance. No liability is assumed or taken by us in relation to the application, as usage conditions and any labor involved are beyond our control.

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