Technical Data Sheet

DUMASTIC is a superior quality, single component, cold applied ready to use elastomeric sealant based on polymer modified bitumen in high quality hydrocarbon solvent. The product displays excellent adhesion to the concrete, brickwork, asphalt etc.

• High expansion and contraction.
• Resistant to atmospheric oxidation.
• Extremely pliable.
• Highly flexible
• Stable at elevated temperatures.
• Bridges minor cracks
• Seamless and adaptable to irregular surface
• Compatible with other bituminous products
• Excellent bonding and adhesion properties
• Cold applied; easy application

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DUMASTIC is tested as per the relevant International Standards.

Duproof is ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company, and DUMASTIC carries a material warranty against any manufacturing defects.

• Termination of roofing bitumen membrane over the vertical parapet.
• Sealing and filling gaps over the roof.
• Filling Horizontal joints in concrete and asphalt
• Between brickwork and roof flashing.

Substrate Preparation
1. All substrate must be clean, free from dirt, dust, soil, grease, oil and other loose particles.
2. Stir the product thoroughly if stored for a long time.
3. For very dusty surface, it is advisable to apply a coat of DUPRIME.

The contents of the pail can be removed by the help of spatula or trowel and can be applied from the bottom. The sealant has to fill the complete volume of the groove/joint. Ensure to tool the joint with the spatula or trowel to cover the entire volume of the groove/joint. Smoothen the applied material by pressing it with the spatula or trowel. Full cure is obtained after complete solvent evaporation.

DUMASTIC is recommended to be apply at temperatures between 10C to 50C.

DUMASTIC is available in 20-liter pail, palletized and strapped. Shelf life is a minimum of 12 months in a tightly closed container and store at temperature between 10C and 40C. Avoid direct exposure to heat and sunlight. The product has to be thoroughly mixed.

DUMASTIC is solvent base that gives out inflammable vapor. Proper care must be taken when applying the coating. Wear proper or necessary Personal Protective Equipment, ensure proper ventilation if used in enclosed area, keep away from sources of ignition, and avoid contact with skin, eyes or inhalation. Make sure that the container is closed after each application. Refer to our MSDS sheets for advice.

Total Solids%65 ± 5
Service temperature°C20 to 70
Application temperature°C10 to 50
Specific gravityKg/L1.05 @ 25°C
Flash point°C65
Intial set @ 35°CHours3
Firm set @ 35°CHours2 – 3 weeks
CoverageKg/lm5 to 7.5


The brush and spray equipment should be cleaned immediately after use by means of a suitable solvent like white spirit, Petrol or Diesel oil.These data are correct at the time of printing but may be changed without any prior notice subject to client’s requirements availability of raw materials or other conditions. This data sheet supersedes all previous publications pertaining to this product. All reasonable care has been taken in preparing this document, which to the best of our knowledge is accurate and true. Recommendations and suggestions are made in good faith and should only be considered for general guidance. No liability is assumed or taken by us in relation to the application, as usage conditions and any labour involved are beyond our control.

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