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Technical Data Sheet

Damp Proof Course SBS – Styrene Butadiene Styrene  modified  bitumen,   known  as “elastomeric” waterproofing  membrane, use rubber  modification to improve the flexibility and gives the membrane greater stability at very low temperatures.


  • Excellent damp proofing course.
  • High barrier to moisture and water.
  • High resistance to structural movements.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering.
  • Easy application even at cold temperature conditions.
  • Excellent resistance to soil and chemical compounds.
  • Highly versatile to meet the requirements of BS 6398:83.
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DAMP GUARD SP is a specially made durable, high performance, damp proof membrane designed using polymer modified bitumen with fibre base laminated with special metallic sheet and covered with polyolefin foil or sand to comply with BS 6398: 1983 (Class E). The elastomeric nature of the synthetically modified coating is designed as a homogenous mixture of special bitumen and selected quality type SBS elastomer, which ensures high product quality, superior performance and excellent flexibility in cold climatic conditions.


  • To prevent entry of moisture and water into the structural system.
  • To accommodate the structural movements.
  • In vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Where high mechanical properties are demanded.
  • In building constructions either with solid or cavity walls.


The application of DAMP GUARD damp proof membrane is easy and it is applied at the construction stage (i.e. at the erection of brickwork, block work or construction of walls by conventional building methods).The DAMP GUARD should be applied to the full wall thickness and it should be laid on an even surface of mortar.The overlapping should be to the same width of the damp proof course or 100mm min. including sealing laps. The method of laying, jointing and forming cavity trays should be in accordance with the relevant building regulations and code of practice.It is fully compatible with DUSEAL to provide a complete moisture proof system.


The rolls have to be stored vertically and protected against moisture and extreme heat. In cold season, before application, store at least 12 hours free from frost.


There are no direct health hazards associated with DAMP GUARD membranes. Normal precautions for hot and volatile substances should be observed during application. Refer to our MSDS sheets for advice.


CompoundSBS Modified Bitumen
CarrierGlass Fiber and special metallic sheet
SurfaceFoil/Sand (top & bottom)
Nominal weightKg/m²4.4 – 4.6
Roll length[m]8
Roll width[mm]75 to 1000

Note: These data are correct at the time of printing but may be changed without any prior notice subject to clients Requirements availability of raw materials or other conditions. This data sheet supersedes all previous Publications pertaining to this product. All reasonable care has been taken in preparing this document, which to the best of our knowledge is accurate and true. Recommendations and suggestions are made in good faith and should only be considered for general guidance. No liability is assumed or taken by us in relation to the application, as usage conditions and any labour involved are beyond our control.

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