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Technical Data Sheet

WATERPROOFING SHEET MEMBRANE SBS – Styrene Butadiene Styrene modified bitumen, known as ‘Elastomeric’ waterproofing membrane, use rubber modification, which enables the membrane to remain flexible at lower temperatures. The special anti- root property of the Elastoroot waterproofing sheet membrane makes it ideal to be used in green roof systems.


  • Excellent anti-root property.
  • Self-sealing to minor cracks.
  • It can be used for interior garden system or exterior green roofs.
  • Highly resistant to dilute acid and fertilizers.
  • High resistance to ageing.
  • High elasticity and flexibility.
  • High tear resistance.
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DULAS P ANTI ROOTis an excellent anti root, SBS-modified bitumen waterproofing sheet membrane with a special compound to prevent the root penetration. It is absolutely root proof and widely used in green roof systems. The topside is covered with a special foil or sand or slate and the bottom layer with a polymeric foil.


  • Root-proof layer.
  • It can be used as a single layer or part of Duproof two-layer anti-root sealing system that is used for waterproofing and root proofing of green roof system.
  • The membrane is used for interior garden system as well as for exterior roof garden systems as protection against root penetration.


The application of DULAS P ANTI ROOT roofing and waterproofing membranes are easy and fast by the torch–on method. Clean the surface to be waterproofed and prime with Duproof Primer and allow to dry. The drying time depends on the porosity of the substrate and the environmental conditions (approx. 0.5 – 3 hrs.)

The membranes are then unrolled and aligned properly on the entire primed substrate, allowing overlap joints of 100 mm at the sides and 150 mm at the end.  Roll back the membranes without disturbing the alignment. Apply gas torch on to the contact area of the membrane and the substrate. Ensure enough melting at the bottom to form sufficient melt adhesive to stick on to the substrate. While torching, forward the roll and press firmly to bond the membrane on to the substrate. Then, smoothen out seams by means of a rounded trowel. This system of application can be used on concrete, concrete blocks, bricks, foam concrete, fibre cement board and steel substrates. Care must be taken when torch bonding with heat sensitive substrates.

The SBS modified sheet membrane is versatile and flexible that can be applied using pour and roll application method and cold bond applied method. For technical instruction refer to Duproof Application System.


Dimensions [length x width]m10 x 1
8 x 1
CoatingSpecial -SBS Modified Bitumen
Type of CarrierPolyester Carrier
TopSpecial Foil (F) or Sand (Q) or Slate (S)
BottomPolymeric Foil

To order specify finish, reinforcement and thickness e.g. DULAS FP ANTI ROOT 4mm for foil finish and 4 mm thick sheet membrane.


Membranes are supplied in rolls of 1m X 10m; shrink wrapped on pallets. Rolls must be kept upright on pallets under shade.Pallets should not be stacked one over the other. The rolls have to be stored vertically and protected against moisture and extreme heat. Prior to application in cold season, store at least 12 hours free from frost.


There are no direct health hazards associated with DULAS P ANTI ROOT membranes. Normal precautions for hot and volatile substances should be observed during application. Refer to our MSDS sheets for advice.


Softening point0CASTM D 36120
PenetrationdmmASTM D 525 – 35
Flexibility at low temperature0CDIN 52123-5 to -10
Heat resistance at 100°C / 2 hrs.0CUEAtcNo flow
Tensile strength (L/T)N / 5 cmUEAtc750 / 650
Elongation (L/T)%UEAtc40/45
Tear resistance (L/T)NUEAtc220 / 235

Note: These data are correct at the time of printing but may be changed without any prior notice subject to clients requirements availability of
raw materials or other conditions. This data sheet supersedes all previous publications pertaining to this product. All reasonable care has
been taken in preparing this document, which to the best of our knowledge is accurate and true. Recommendations and suggestions are
made in good faith and should only be considered for general guidance. No liability is assumed or taken by us in relation to the
application, as usage conditions and any labour involved are beyond our control.

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