DUseel 300

Technical Data Sheet

DUSEEL 300 is a superior quality, general-purpose bitumen protective coating blended with special Bitumen and Petroleum solvents. It is solvent based with high performance and durability.


  • Quick dry
  • Tack free
  • Excellent protective coating
  • Highly flexible
  • Anti corrosion property
  • Self-sealing to minor cracks
  • Seamless and adaptable to irregular surface
  • Compatible with other bituminous products
  • Excellent bonding and adhesion property
  • Cold applied, easy application
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DUSEEL 300 conforms to the requirements of ASTM, UEAtc and other relevant International Standards.


Duproof is ISO Quality Assured Company, and DUSEEL 300 carries a material warranty against any manufacturing defect.


  • Protective coating of built-up roofs and repair of existing bitumen waterproofing sheet membranes.
  • Damp proofing protective coating for wet areas viz. bathrooms, basements and kitchen floors and walls.
  • The high flexibility and durability of DUSEEL 300 makes it ideal to be used on construction works such as bridges, underground concrete foundations, basements, spouts, gutters, concrete walls and floors.
  • Vertical surfaces like cellar walls and pipelines.
  • Protective coating of metal surfaces against corrosion.

METHOD OF APPLICATION(Substrate Preparation)

  1. All substrates must be clean and sound, free from dirt, dust, soil, grease, oil and other loose particles. Substrates that are very dry should be applied with a penetrative coating of DUPRIME.
  2. Stir the solution prior to use thoroughly if stored for a long time.

Application System on Porous substrate (Concrete Structure)

  1. Apply minimum 2 coats by brush or spray equipment.
  2. The second coat is applied when the first coat has completely dried.
  3. Apply each coat at a right angle to the previous coat to achieve good coverage and uniformity.
  4. A third coat is required for very porous substrate.
  5. Drying time is 4-6 hours under normal conditions.

Application System on Metal Structures

  1. Clean the substrate by removing rust, scale and dirt using wire brush. Wipe off traces of oil and grease with a suitable solvent.
  2. Apply a minimum 2 coat by brush or spray equipment.
  3. The second coat is applied when the first coat has completely dried.
  4. Drying time is 4-6 hours under normal conditions.

DUSEEL 300 is recommended to apply at temperatures between 5oC to 50oC.


DUSEEL 300 is available in 20 liter pails and 200 liter drums, palletized and strapped. Shelf life of 6 months in a tightly closed container. Avoid direct exposure to heat and sunlight.


DUSEEL 300 is solvent based and gives out inflammable vapor. Proper care must be taken when applying the coating. Wear proper and necessary Personal Protective Equipment, ensure proper ventilation if used in an enclosed area, keep away from sources of ignition, and avoid contact with skin, eyes or inhalation. Make sure that the container is closed after each application.


Total Solid Content%50 ± 3ASTM D-402
Density @ 25ºCKg / liter0.8 – 0.96ASTM D-70
Water Content


NilASTM D -95
Drying Timehrs.4 – 6
Viscosity (Say bolt) @ 25°Csecs.25 – 125
CoverageKg/m20.25 – 0.5

Cleaning of Tools

The brush and spray equipment is to be cleaned immediately after use by means of a suitable solvent like white spirit, petrol or diesel oil.

Note: These data are correct at the time of printing but may be changed without any prior notice subject to clients requirements availability of raw materials or other conditions. This data sheet supersedes all previous publications pertaining to this product. All reasonable care has been taken in preparing this document which to the beat of our knowledge is accurate and true. Recommendations and suggestions are made in good faith and should only be considered for general guidance. No liability is assumed or taken by us in relation to the application, as usage conditions and any labour involved are beyond our control.

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